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BoobyBot Operation Instructions
Nipple Stimulator and About Nipple Stimulation


Brand New Nipple Stimulation BoobyBot


  • Remove all piercings in the area of use, of this product.
  • Any type of hair in the area of use, is to be cut to a length
    Not more than 1/8 of an inch or 3mm or number 1 Blade.

Do not use this product:

  • For anything but its intended use, as a novelty nipple stimulator.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition.
  • On swollen or inflamed nipples.
  • If irritation occurs


Purple Cam Tongue: a special material and surface is used on the cam to provide the exciting erogenous effect. Also the pause given as the single lobe cam rotates around and back to nipple adds to the effect. Multi lobe cams were tested in the design stage to poor effect.
The Bot is a dry stimulation device, no creams or oils up here. This is great so you can use in an instant.
If you suffer from dry nipples, moisturise your nipples before use.

The BoobyBot caters for 99% of the adult population, as such some or vast adjustment of the nipple length height antennas is required before use, for your nipple length. The target or design of the Bot is to strike the top and end of the nipple. Flick and Lick are loosely used terms to describe the dual stroke of the Bot. Flick is a much sharper sensation and Lick is a much softer sensation that builds. When the Bot is in Flick direction a slight height adjustment is usually necessary.


Boobybot held against nipples


The Bot is primarily designed to be hand held in position against the nipple, with one Bot or for double intensity two.
Simply use as you would any other sex toy on and off as desired.
I would however recommend you use it, just as the euphoric pulsating beat of sex starts to consume you and take it all the way through to orgasm. OMG!

Fitting the Bot - Set and forget:

  1. Wind the Height Antennas all the way up (stimulating cam protruding out the bottom or closed).
  2. Switch the stimulating cam on.
  3. Hold the BoobyBot to the nipple so the cam strikes the nipple approximately as in the picture above, at the tip and end of the nipple.
  4. If the Bot is held away from the breast to achieve this, While holding The Bot in the same position wind the height antennas down so that the Cup sits firmly on the breast. Readjust as necessary for intensity.
  5. The Bot is ready to use
    Try different intensities by slight adjustments of the height adjustment antennas and different directions of the stimulating cam. The bot is very light weight(150grams/5.3 ounces with batteries) and also designed for long battery life.
    Latest technology.


First do not judge this device by any other nipple stimulator, as frankly most are a joke. While vibration and other mechanical devices work fine on the genitals they do not translate well to the nipple, that’s if they even work at all. Vibration and other mechanical devices stimulate the nipple in a way that is harsh. This is only interpreted as pleasure by a very small amount of the population. Most of these inferior products are purchased and used with the perception of working, but upon use, the user is disappointed by the action of stimulation. If this is your experience you owe it to yourself to try the BoobyBot.

I can promise you there is no other device on the market like it. The bot is unique! It has a full utility patent. A Serious Engineering Approach to Nipple Stimulation.
The BoobyBot can produce a beautiful light stimulation via its lick mode and a much more intense stimulation via its flick mode. Both modes have infinite intensities within the range. You can experience the full sensation that the nipples have to offer with this product.

For the uninitiated
Get the Bonus


Boobybot Sex Toy Orgasim

Ok there will be many who read this and think nipple stimulation, what the? This applies to males and to a lesser extent females. The nipples are in a dormant state. The pleasure of nipple stimulation during sex is unknown or even worse -they don’t like it. They may think - ” it’s the genitals stupid, that’s what is most sensitive and is going to get me off”.
Like the world is round and not flat, yes the Americans did walk on the moon and farts do burn (for want of a better phrase with the same impact). Nipple stimulation for both sexes when explored exists as an extra intense pleasurable state during sex and alters and shapes the orgasm. It’s like turbo charging your sex life, it adds a beautiful rush.
For the most part, sex is a very private and trusting act between two consenting people. This is a great forum for trying something new that’s not too over the top. To the inexperienced male or female it can take a couple of uses to awaken the nipples as to say. The uninitiated nipples have never been used for arousal. I’m saying it may feel a little weird for the first timer, but as that system starts to awaken you will relies it is clearly connected to sexual arousal and intensity of sex.
Why miss out and it’s good for you too. Maybe you like it a little but can’t relate to what I’m talking about. The BoobyBot is the tool for this full exploration Also the Bot caters to the most sensitive of nipples through to tough nipples. 99.9% of peoples nipples are (unless altered ) connected to the arousal of the genitals.
why?- who knows
They just are. Bonus

The Art of Nipple Stimulation
Egyptian BoobyBot Relic

Nipple Stimulation For Erogenous Effect During Sex.

Different couples have been enjoying nipple stimulation as a heightened state during sex, for as long as we humans in our present form have been mating. Nipple stimulation to its full extent is one of the real secrets, to one of the best ways to enter Tantric type sex and whatever else it’s been called throughout the ages.

Getting yourself to a stage just prior to orgasm over and over again with a combination of sensations, where it feels so good you could imagine your genitals blowing off. Do this enough and it can become like one long euphoric orgasm.
And then
It makes for a longer more explosive orgasm. Very satisfying sex.
Discover Tantric type sex with the help of the Boobybot.


Do as most, crank it flat out and go straight to orgasm.
The BoobyBot can significantly shorten the time to orgasm.
The Bot greatly increases blood flow to the clitoris and the penis also giving a longer and more powerful orgasm.
Also due to the connection between the nipples and the genitals and bypassing the brain as to say.
Nipple stimulation can be used as a powerful cutting tool to the often significant stresses of modern daily life.
It’s an additional system complimenting genital stimulation.

  • For those who have difficulty achieving orgasm during sex
  • Are too stressed to focus on the pleasure of sex
  • Are unable to achieve orgasm in the desired time frame
  • For men having difficulty with erection

If you already like nipple stimulation during sex you will love the Bot.

Non gender specific

Why do men have breasts and nipples? Well besides the fact it would look odd without them. But what purpose do they serve in a man’s world?

Simple put as cells are dividing and making us in the womb at the early stages of pregnancy, it is part of the process of making a baby. Males appear as females. The embryo at this stage is a base for the process of gender allocation and breasts and nipples are in this base embryo. As a result males have breasts because it is a bi-product of the biological process.

So what does it all mean?
The secret is men can enjoy nipple stimulation as well. Sometimes the heterosexual male can question his sexuality and No! it doesn’t mean you’re Gay if you like it (OMG). But if you can put your homophobic fears aside you could also enjoy the intense delicious stimulation as well.

Rock -On – Everyone!


Nipple stimulation for females


As you know orgasming is good for the health. So all of you can now enjoy the full potential of nipple stimulation. Take your arousal to the next level, as the song says you have a new tool in your kit.

The BoobyBots are sold per single/Bot and not in pairs.
One BoobyBot will take you were you want to go.
If you’re interested in buying the pair, maybe for the cheeky full-on sexual look or want the intense double stimulator effect, You best buy two at the same time so we can match a pair.
There are two very slightly different coloured plastic covers.

You can only purchase the BoobyBot direct from this site.
Anywhere in the world.
We are the Owners and Manufacturer of this product.
As this is a new product Stock is Strictly Limited.