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All Models Have the High Performance BoobyBot 2 Specification
Brand New Nipple Stimulation BoobyBot 2 Rainbow Orb Nipple Stimulator


Boobybot Nipple Stimulator with height adjustment

All BoobyBots have the same dimensions and action of stimulation.
The different models pertain to the style of outer case and the led light colours only.

Nipples light up the brain, the same as genitals do!

It’s official the science is out

The boffins at Rutgers University Of New Jersey USA decided to explore what is known as the sexual brain map via function MRI imaging, evaluating physical stimulations on various parts of the body with their corresponding activity in the sexual brain.
Surprise Surprise not only did they find nipple stimulation lights up the brain the way genitals do but there is also a separate part of the sexual brain that appears to be solely devoted to nipple stimulation.
And that’s not all, nipple stimulation was found to be a strong direct link to this part of the sexual brain, enabling what could be considered a type of bypassing of the thinking part of the brain.
It was found to be an additional system that amplifies the intensity and pleasure of sex.

The BoobyBot and Nipple Stimulation

The human tongue is a universal gift to humanity; however nipple stimulation is not part of its wonderful evolutionary design. The Bot series cam tongue is a concentrated specific design to take nipple stimulation to its full potential. They are totally different in stimulation ability and sensation.
The BoobyBot nipple stimulator used during or about a sexual session greatly increases blood flow to the penis and the clitoris; this is interpreted as an instant rush.
When used in conjunction with genital stimulation just prior to orgasm and held on all the way to and through orgasm, it enhances the orgasms length and power considerably.
You can experience the wonderful delicious full pleasure potential of sexual nipple stimulation with this device.
Also due to the connection between the nipples and the sexual brain found to be a direct- link and bypassing the thinking part of the brain as to say.
The BoobyBot Stimulator can be used as a powerful cutting tool to the often significant stresses of modern daily life.

  • For those who have difficulty achieving orgasm during sex
  • For men having difficulty with erection
  • For those too stressed to focus on the pleasure of sex
  • For those unable to achieve orgasm in the desired time frame
  • For anybody that wants to add an Awesome, Delicious, Exquisite spice to their sex life

The all new white colored Rainbow Orb Nipple Stimulator


Rainbow Orb (Highest Bright Setting)


The all new Darth Boobs Black Colored Nipple Stimulator


Darth Nipple (Lowest Bright Setting)



Do not use this product:

  • For anything but its intended use, as a nipple stimulator.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition.
  • If you have damaged, bruised, swollen or inflamed nipples.
  • If irritation occurs
  • Never use the BoobyBot without the height adjuster installed.
Hand Held Nipple Stimulation Sex Toy

The BoobyBots are primarily designed to be hand held in position against the nipple, with one Bot for single intensity or two for double intensity. Simply use as you would any other sex toy on and off as desired.
At a minimum- it is recommended to use, as the euphoric pulsating beat of sex starts to consume you, and take it all the way to, and through, orgasm. OMG!

The BoobyBots are usually only worn for promotional, entertainment and bondage purposes.

Hand Held Nipple Stimulation Sex Toy

Super Soft Lick to Super Hard Flick

The target of the stimulating cam is to strike the top and end of the nipple.

Flick and Lick are loosely used terms to describe the dual stroke of the Bot.
Lick is a much softer sensation that builds and Flick is a much sharper harder sensation.

The BoobyBot 2 and the Lick Stroke.

The entire exquisite sort-after slower / less power Lick sensations of the BoobyBot 1 are available on the BoobyBot 2.
For maximum pleasure in the Lick stroke you have to appreciate that a certain timed pause duration is necessary in between the striking of the nipple, for the Nipple Sexual Brain to interpret the sensation. Slower speeds have a longer pause duration as the cam tongue takes longer to rotates around to strike the nipple again.
For best results in Lick stroke, use the minimum speed to medium speed on the thumb wheel dial.

The BoobyBot 2 and the Flick Stroke.

Care needs to be taken when using the Flick stroke direction, as the BoobyBot 2 has a substantial amount of power at hand. Set in Flick Stroke and at full Speed / Power and placed abruptly on the nipple it can feel like someone is biting the nipple. The BoobyBot 2 Flick stroke at faster speeds/power is designed to cater more for the bondage market.
Although powerful and intense the Flick direction striking edge has a rounded finish and will not cut or crush. It can however pack a punch. Explore stopping and starting the cam tongue at full speed / power with your thumb or finger first, to get a feel of what you’re dealing with. Always start with very light intensity height settings and dial in.
Always use within the warning guide lines.
It’s best to use the Lick mode when first using the BoobyBot as this is the most widely used or popular stroke. Dynomite !

Nipple Stimulator Boobybot 2 Tongue Cam Material is fully tuned for a beautiful feeling

The exciting erogenous LICK effect is produced by a combination of factors: The ridgid solid nylon cam tongue, the special surface finish, the striking profile of the cam tongue, the pause given as the single lobe tongue rotates around and back to the nipple,the speed of the tongue and the driving force of the tongue. A thorough testing regime was instigated to come up with the Bot cam tongue parameters.

Nylon of differing grades has been used in medical procedures for over 60 years from wound dressings to surgical sutures (stitches). Nylon is non-absorbable by the human body. Nylon is extensively used in bra manufacture. Nylon is used in joint replacement and now artificial bone replacement due to its 3D printer convenience. There are no medical or scientific studies linking Nylon with breast cancer or nipple cancer what so ever. The BoobyBot is a safe appliance when used within the warning guide lines.

The BoobyBot is a dry stimulation device, no creams or oils up here.
This is great so you can use in an instant.
If you suffer from dry nipples, moisturise your nipples before use.

Nipple Stimulator Boobybot 2 adjustment staffs are set for individual nipple sizes

The Bot caters to the most sensitive of nipples through to tough nipples.
Dial infinite intensities through the Height Adjustment Antennas. When adjusting always go antenna a few turns to antenna a few turns and back, as the height antennas operate individually from each other. Always have the Bot approximately straight and square with its height base after adjustment, before use.

The Bot caters for 99% of the adult population nipple diameters and lengths, as such some or vast adjustment of the height adjustment antennas may be required initially before getting to your desired most pleasurable adjustments. This setting is usual Set and Forget.


For some reason the sextoy industry has never taken nipple stimulation seriously. Let alone relies that male nipples are if not more sensitive for the pleasure of sex than female’s nipples once awoken. When we set out on designing this product the first thing we did was purchase every nipple toy on the market at the time. We didn’t want to re-invent the wheel. What we found astounded us, yes the vibrator nipple toys worked fine but didn’t translate well at all to the sexual nipple brain (was not sexually arousing) and as for the rest well, what always looked promising on the box was all but a burn, as frankly most if not all were a joke as they didn’t work at all.

The nipple stimulation market has been severely bastardized. The quick buck, a true novelty for imitation purposes only,” yes make them cheap, look good on the box, they don’t have to work”. I was actually told this by a large sex toy shop owner when researching the product. This is the model that the nipple toy industry designers work to. Yes there are some new ones out with more of an attempt and some with rotational stimulators but still they work off the same old design model. Don’t believe the typical old cop out line “well every bodies different”.

Well with my engineering background and making one off specialist machines for industry, working has never been an option and frankly the number one rule I have always worked off in business is to have happy customers.
So their bad is my good. I’m not saying our product is the be-all to end-all, we have certainly made extensive changes to our product to improve it, since its release in July 2013. Usually there is always room for improvement. We continue to listen to feed back and reflect on ways to improve the product. Also continue to learn about our customer base.
We did extensive testing over a two year period in the design stage to find the most effective action of stimulation. We tried so many different types of ticklers, so many different types of stimulation actions, multiple lobes, the list go on. Although the Boobybot has undergone large changes the stimulating cam and action of stimulation has not been superseded. Basically because the action is so good.
Designer Derek Dickson

Close up look at the Boobybot 2 stimulating Tongue

Super Soft Lick to Super Hard Flick

The Target is the Tip and End of the Nipple

Serious Engineering Approach to Nipple Stimulation

For the uninitiated

Get the Bonus

Woman wearing two boobybots on her nipples for stimulation enjoyment

Ok there will be many who read this and think nipple stimulation, “what the?”
This applies to males and to a lesser extent females. The nipples are in a dormant state.
The pleasure of nipples stimulation during sex is unknown or even worse -they don’t like it.
They may think - "it’s the genitals stupid, that’s what is most sensitive and is going to get me off"
Like the world is round and not flat, yes the Americans did walk on the moon and farts do burn (for want of a better phrase with the same impact). Nipple stimulation for both sexes when explored exists as an extra intense pleasurable state during sex and alters and shapes the orgasm.
It’s like turbo charging your sex life, it adds a beautiful rush.
For the most part, sex is a very private and trusting act between two consenting people.
This is a great forum for trying something new that’s not too over the top.
To the inexperienced male or female it can take a couple of uses to awaken the nipples, as to say.
The un-initiated nipples have never been used for arousal. I’m saying it may feel a little weird for the first timer, but as that system starts to awaken you will relies it is clearly connected to sexual arousal and intensity of sex.
Why miss out and, it’s good for you.
Maybe you like it a little but can’t relate to what I’m talking about.
The BoobyBot will put you in the zone.
Also the Bot caters to the most sensitive of nipples through to very tough nipples.
99.9% of peoples nipples are (unless altered) connected to the arousal of the genitals.
why ?- who knows
They just are. Bonus

Longer Stronger Orgasms
The Art of Nipple Stimulation
Egyptian BoobyBot Relic

Nipple Stimulation For Erogenous Effect During Sex.

Different couples have been enjoying nipple stimulation as a heightened state during sex, for as long as we humans in our present form have been mating. Nipple stimulation to its full extent is one of the real secrets, of one of the best ways to enter Tantric type sex and whatever else it’s been called throughout the ages:
Getting yourself to a stage just prior to orgasm over and over again with a combination of sensations, where it feels so good you could imagine your genitals blowing off. Do this enough and it can become like one long euphoric orgasm. And then it makes for a longer more explosive orgasm, very satisfying sex. Discover Tantric type sex with the BoobyBot, it can easily take you there.


Do as most; crank the Bot flat out and go straight to orgasm.

If you already like nipple stimulation during sex you will love the BoobyBot

Non gender specific

Why do men have breasts and nipples? Well besides the fact it would look odd without them. But what purpose do they serve in a man’s world?

Simple put as cells are dividing and making us in the womb at the early stages of pregnancy, it is part of the process of making a baby. Males appear as females. The embryo at this stage is a base for the process of gender allocation and breasts and nipples are in this base embryo. As a result males have breasts because it is a bi-product of the biological process.

So what does it all mean?
The secret is men can enjoy nipple stimulation as well. Sometimes the heterosexual male can question his sexuality and No! it doesn’t mean you’re Gay if you like it (OMG). But if you can put your homophobic fears aside you could also enjoy the intense delicious stimulation as well.

Rock - On - Everyone!


Nipple stimulation for females


You could say very loosely,
As the vibrator is to the clitoris
The BoobyBot is to the nipple.
Of course the Bot never
gets in the way of penetrative sex.

New way of nipple stimulation for awesome pleasure

We are the Designers and Manufacturer of this Product.
You can only purchase this product at this web site. Anywhere in the world.

In fact no one else can manufacture a product with the same action of superior stimulation, as we have been able to attain a full utility patent on this product. Unheard of in the sex toy industry.

We are a Cottage Business but Endeavour to give you the Quality, Innovation, Features, Support and Price of a Multinational.

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